Saturday, December 5, 2015

LEGO colors chart

LEGO... those small plastic blocks that have been inspiring us over the last decades. Today, I bring you a handy color chart with all the LEGO colors ever made that you can use as a palette to create your LEGO masterpiece.

For some, LEGO are a simple puzzle like toy that you build according to the provided instructions. For others, LEGO are the building blocks that allow them to turn their imagination into a physical palpable thing (as long as you don't run out of blocks.) It's for them that the following color chart will come in handy.

This LEGO color chart has compiled by Jeremy Moody and it will come in handy for anyone planning to make something that requires a very accurate color rendition. Just keep in mind that some of these colors will be very hard to get, so... don't raise your expectations too much.

I was surprised to see so many different color variations available (for instance, the many different shades of blue).

... Anyway, just let me dream of what I would build if I could get my hand on a endless supply of semi-transparent color blocks (which are my favorite kind) together with some lighted LED blocks.

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