Friday, December 25, 2015 lets you hear (almost) any music you want for free

Listening to any music for free may sound like something that must involve some kind of illegal activity; however this does it in a perfectly legal manner.

Michael Robertson could better be described as a visionary with an act to shake up the industry. In the 90s he created the site, that was hunted and shut down by the music industry. A lost opportunity for the industry, he says, for something that should have been embraced just like Google's book scanning project. Then he launched a Windows lookalike Linux called Lindows (later renamed to Linspire), so people could use a free operating system that looked like the one they were used to using. And now he's back with OnRadio.

The is a clever service that allows you to listen to practically any music for free. How does it do that? It simply taps to the thousands of online radio available, indexing which musics they're playing. With such a large number of radios, it's almost certain some is about to play the music you're looking for, and it tunes you in to it. If it's not playing right now, it provides you with an estimate for how long you'll have to wait till the music starts playing somewhere.

Sure, it may fail to find some more hard to find music that no radio will ever play. But if it's the sort of music it would play on the radio (on any radio station, for that matter) than you'll have no trouble finding it and heading... for free... and in a perfectly legal way.

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