Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Samsung's TipTalk will let you hear a call by touching your ear

Have you ever felt the desire to feel like a special agent and put your finger to your ear to listen in on an incoming message? Well you'll soon be able to to just that if Samsung's TipTalk does become available.

Samsung is trying out "crazy" ideas for new devices, and TipTalk is a watch strap you can use with any watch (no need for smartwatches here), and it promises to let you hear incoming call by simply putting you finger to your ear.

We guess we're dealing with some sort of vibration transmission system than can funnel audio right into your ears, but we'll need to wait to figure out how (and how well) it works. Besides that, Samsung's C-Labs is also working on a smart belt that can keep track of your waist line, and a set of VR controllers that will come in handy for Samsung Gear VR (and other VR sets).

We should see these gadgets in action at CES, so... it won't take to long to find out what this is all about.

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