Monday, December 28, 2015

Tesla celebrates Christmas with Model X choreography

We'd be more than happy to receive a Tesla Model X for Christmas, but why stop there? Why not put a bunch of them into action, celebrating this year's Christmas season in full glory? That's what Tesla has done with this "Merry Model X-mas" choreography.

As you'd might expect, besides the usual light show that lights up in sync with the music, the Model X puts an even bigger show when the time comes to put its motorized Falcon doors into play, for added effect.

... We sure hope this display may indicate these doors will endure all the troubles of daily use in real-life conditions (nothing would be more annoying than having a car that doesn't let you in - or out). But, I'm more than happy to worry about that if someone is willing to offer me one of these as a late Christmas gift. You don't even have to waste paper wrapping it, nor am I picky with its color. :)

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