Thursday, January 14, 2016

Google Maps gets smarter "Driving Mode" that knows where you're going

Fascinated by the fact that Google seems to know when you're about to drive to work and drive back home? Well, it's about to get better, as it will try an figure out wherever you might want to drive, every time.

Let's face it, GPS navigation is awesome, but most people don't care about it while driving around. After all, you know where your home is, as well as the places you drive to. However, you're forced to manually enter a destination if you want to take advantage of your navigation app, ir order to route you around traffic or other incidents. Something you don't need to do when you're driving to work or home, thanks to Google's A.I. What about if it could do more?

The latest Google Maps version will do just that, its new "Driving Mode" will gather all possible information based on your location history, searches, and more, to try and figure out where you're driving to without you having to do a thing.

Sure, it won't be perfect, but it will surely beat having to input your destination every time you start your car. I just hope that Google keeps in mind we'd appreciate this in Waze as well... because if it starts forcing users into Google Maps to benefit from this Driving Mode, it will begin to lose users that regularly contribute to report all sorts of incidents on the road in real time.


  1. Did you know that this is a feature in waze from before Google bought them? When I start the app, sometimes Waze asks me if I want to drive to work/home/parents/market/... depending on my location or time of the day.

    1. Yes, but for me it has never shown anything other than work/home (and even those, sometimes it's amiss).

    2. Glad to hear you are using Waze frequently!
      For me, it only suggests favourites I visit regularly like my parents or the grocery shop. The suggestions took a while to appear and the first suggestions where also work/home but it surprised me when my parents and the grocery shop showed up :) Most of the time, I use my linked Google Calendar to provide me with the location details.

    3. For events with location attached I get the "regular" destination suggestion.

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