Friday, February 12, 2016

Automate automates everything on your Android (in an easy way)

It is said there's nothing you can't do on Android, and there certainly are enough tools available to do so. But this Automate is probably one of the easiest and most powerful apps to do it.

If start poking around for ways to totally dominate your Android and have it do anything you want, you'll probably come across appls like Tasker, which can do practically everything you might ever dreamed of... and more. The problem is, it won't be easy to do so. Most users simply rely on copying script from some forum or web page, and try to get things done without actually understanding how it all works.

With Automate things are quite different. Though it may not do everything Tasker does, it will still do about 99.9% of anything most users will be interested in. And the best part is that it does it in a much easier and visual way, using flow diagrams even novice users will easily digest and understand.

Want to turn on WiFi when you're in a specific location in a particular time of day? Want to silence your phone when you reach work? How about taking a photo whenever you plug your phone to charge it, or send an email? Those are just a few of many, many things you'll be able to do using Automate, and it will certainly help you have your Android do most of the work for you instead of the opposite.

If you tried Tasker to automate some tasks but quit because it was too complex for you, you'll certainly need to give it another go using this Automate, and things will surely be different this time.

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