Friday, February 5, 2016

Upgrading a 16GB iPhone to 128GB costs

Mobile devices have lost the capability for hardware upgrades that computers have almost always offered. Unless you're in China, where you can upgrade a 16GB iPhone to 128GB for just $60.

Going for a 128GB iPhone over a 16GB model is something that will make you pay an extra $200 on top of the already pricey $649 for the base model (Apple should have ditched the 16GB version years ago!) But in China you can do that for just $60.

And by now you'll be thinking: this is surely a scam, involving those iPhone Android clones, and using a microSD card of sorts, right? Well... wrong. We're actually talking about people with the required equipment and expertise to open up your iPhone, remove the memory chip, transfer its contents to a new chip 128GB chip, and solder it back in place. In the end you'll have the exact same iPhone, just with 128GB instead of 16GB.

It really is amazing, but unfortunately you'll not only risk your official warranty but will risk being locked out of your iPhone completely. Apple is known for not liking people messing around with its devices, and is locking out iPhones with unofficial components. This has happened with unofficial lightning cables in the past, is happening with TouchID sensors and cables, and is highly likely that it will also include these memory upgrades sooner or later.

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