Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Apple launches iPhone SE - the cheapest best iPhone ever

Apple seems to have finally felt the "pinch" from the ever improving low cost chinese manufacturers (that bring us amazing smartphones in the $100-200 range) and so, here's the new iPhone SE, which ends up being a wolf in sheep's clothing - as long as you consider the 6S to be the wold, and the iPhone 5/5S the sheep.

The larger iPhone 6/6S/Plus were a big success, but there are those that thing the old iPhone 5/5S with its 4" screen was simply the "perfect" sized iPhone. Well, if you put off upgrading your iPhone, you'll now be able to do it. The iPhone SE is basically the vastly improved iPhone 6S (A9 CPU, 12MP camera with 4K video, Apple Pay, faster WiFi and LTE, etc.) inside an iPhone 5S case

It's not actually an iPhone 6S, as there are things missing (frontal camera is not the one used in the 6S, the Touch ID isn't the faster newest version, and there's no 3D Touch) but it's close enough. Better yet, the iPhone SE is now the cheapest iPhone ever, starting at just $399 - though that's for the awkwardly unjustifiable 16GB version, meaning you should better off go for the $499 64GB version.

Sadly, in other markets the price drop wasn't as noticeable. In here, the SE simply kept the same price as the old 5S (starting at 499 euros), which is a pity... as I'd really consider upgrading my old iPhone 5S should the "US price" be available. But, the main point is that Apple has finally adjusted the price for the iPhone, and one can't forget that this cheaper iPhone is - still - equivalent to the one costing twice as much.

(The Apple Watch also got a price cut, now starting at $299.)

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