Monday, March 28, 2016

June smart oven does the cooking for you

If technology exists to make our lives simpler, how about having a oven with no buttons at all other than "cook"? That's what the June Intelligent Oven promises to do.

The June oven has an embedded camera and is - supposedly - smart enough to figure out what you put in it and adjust all the cooking parameters automatically. Well, not quite, you can still take over and tell it what do to (and there's an app so you can do it via your smartphone, as well as keep an eye on how things are going inside - which should allow for some interesting timelapse videos) but, the oven itself will suggest what it thinks it should do based on the food type and its weight (yes, it has embedded scale as well).

Of course, costing roughly $1500, one should expect it to do all the work and more. But... considering there people that don't hesitate to buy a $1000 smartphone or a $1600 laptop, I guess there's also a market for a $1500 smart oven... even if you might face some awkward "please update your oven before cooking"  messages in the worst possible moment.

... What's the worse it can happen? A hacker ruining your dinner when your hosting a night with friends? :)

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