Friday, March 25, 2016

OLO 3D turns any smartphone into a 3D printer

For 3D printing to become as common a regular 2D printing, printers need to be similarly as affordable. OLO may be the one achieving it, by turning your smartphone into a 3D printer.

The idea of affordable 3D printing may sound too good to be true, and even more so when it uses any existing smartphone. But this OLO has already proved it works in the World Maker Faire, last October. And that's something that has certainly helped the project get over 5000 backers almost instantly, and be on its way to reach 1 million dollars (not bad for a project aiming for just 80 thousand dollars.)

The  OLO 3D printing processo is amazingly simple, similar to the low cost 3D printer we talked a while back. Instead of complex moving parts and extrusion heads, OLO relies on liquid resin that solidifies when exposed to light. And that light is provided by the smartphone screen, by showing the pattern for each layer which is then pulled up by the base layer.

For just $99 it seems like a really amazing gadget, provided it can deliver what it promises.

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