Saturday, March 5, 2016

Play is a torrent search site with no servers to take down

For a long time we've been saying that going after file sharing sites will only result in new, mre resilient, services that will be harder to take down, and here's the proof: Play is a torrent search site that has no server that can be taken down.

Organizations like the MPAA have been fighting file sharing as hard as they can, targeting their domains and servers (with no real effect, we might add) but now they're about to run out of targets. Play is one of the first torrent search sites that has no server that can be turned off to stop it.

Play works on the ZeroNet, a P2P open-source network based on BitTorrent and Bitcoin cryptography, where each visitor also acts as a decentralized server. That way, even if one, or to or one thousand computers are offline, there are still countless more that can keep the site working. That, however, means that you'll need to have ZeroNet installed, and afterwards you can visit Play on the following URL:

Just one last reminder. While Play (and ZeroNet) is a decentralized service that ensures its resilience against any take down attempt, this isn't an anonymized service. People will still be able to see your IP, just like it happens in a bittorrent swarm - unless you use a VPN or Tor network to keep it hidden from sight.

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