Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Porto VR360 lets you preview Porto as if you were there (here)

If you want to have a glimpse of how a trip to Porto might be, there's a new way to do it from home, using the Porto VR360 virtual reality app.

The Porto VR360 is an app that was launched recently (made by some friends of mine :) and uses 360º panoramic video to immerse anyone into several iconic Porto locations - though, technically, one is in Gaia, across the river from Porto, and where you happen to have the famous Porto wine cellars that certainly deserve a visit as well (virtual reality isn't yet up to the task of letting you smell and taste wine. :)

The best part of this app is that is currently available for nearly every Android device, meaning you need only a cheap cardboard VR, place your smartphone in it, and you can instantly be transported to Porto - for free. (Should you have something like Samsung's GearVR then even better.)

The app Porto. VR360 allows you to travel between: Avenida dos Aliados; Ribeira; Casa da Música; Parque da Cidade; Serra do Pilar; and Foz do Douro; and you'll certainly see time fly as you gaze around each of this beautiful spots. The app was made by Riot Films / Vertigo VR, and you should definitely contact them should you need any kind of 360º VR video work (tell them the guy from Aberto ate de Madrugada sent you. :)

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