Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Toyota's Project Blaid helps the blind to see

We're big fans of technology, but even more so when it's used to help those that need it the most. Toyota's Project Blaid is a wearable device that wants to give sight to those who can't see.

We take for granted things as simple as moving around, but the world would be a very different (and scary) place should you have to to do with with your eyes closed. If that were the case we'd certainly help having all the help we could get, and that's where Project BLAID comes is. This wearable comes with cameras and sensors that can see the world around us and give audio and physical cues to the wearer. For instance, it can easily spot doors, escalators, and even rest room signs, that will make life easier for those that may be passing right along without noticing it.

In the future Toyota wants to make it even better, adding extra features as navigation (so the wearer can be guided to where he/she wants to go), facial recognition that can help you spot friends nearby, and object recognition.

But for, the most important thing is to make sure this device is actually useful and that it can be brought to market at an affordable price (when we consider we can now get sub-$50 smartphones and tablets, I think that should expand to many other electronic devices that traditionally are insanely overpriced).

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