Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Americans are ditching fixed internet for mobile

Not long ago, fixed internet was the thing most people would like to have, and mobile internet access was a "plus". Now, there's an increasing number of households that are doing the opposite, relying on mobile data alone.

A new study is showing a significant increase on the number of people ditching the fixed internet access and going mobile only. And I can't say that I'm surprised... Even though in here we can easily get 100/200Mbps fiber internet, there are still lots of areas where people can use only ADSL or mobile connections. In fact, the operators now rely mostly on "fixed" mobile access point - where you get a fixed router at home, but using a 4G connection; and it's no uncommon for people to get faster internet speeds using their smartphones than the fixed internet speeds they have at home. And that's something that will become even more significant as newer "5G" mobile networks get deployed.

Now we only need mobile operator to truly embrace the need for *real* unlimited mobile internet access (and not those "unlimited" plans that slow you down to a crawl as soon as you use a few gigabyte). Wireless access is the new "fixed" internet... so, deal with it! :)

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