Monday, April 11, 2016

iPhone SE 2GB RAM vs iPhone 5S 1GB RAM

The iPhones have always used less RAM than Android smartphones, but the latest iPhone SE comes with 2GB of RAM, twice the amount the iPhone 5S. So... what does it translate to in real world use?

Apple can cut back on the amount of RAM in their devices because it can tune the software and hardware to work in perfect harmony. Even so, there are things where nothing can substitute having more RAM, such as when you're browsing dozens of web pages, and that's one place where the iPhone SE 2GB can shine over the 1GB in the older iPhone 5S.

Though we can consider the iPhone 5S to do an amazing job considering it's about 2.5 years old now and only has 1GB of RAM; the tricks Apple uses to save memory quickly become visible. Although you can still have dozens of "open tabs" in Safari, the 5S has discarded most of them, forcing a page reload when you get back to it.

On the iPhone SE, all those pages are still kept in memory and are instantly viewable. Add the extra speed the A9 CPU provides... and we're talking about two completely different beasts (favoring the latest iPhone, of course.) Now we just have to wait and see if Apple will wait two more years to bring us a 4GB RAM iPhone (while in the Android department, we're already seeing 6GB RAM devices.)

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