Monday, April 18, 2016

Naked Labs launches a 3D full-body scanner to keep you in check

If you though stepping onto a scale that would track your weight and body fat was enough to make you hesitate, just imagine one that can scan your entire body in 3D, like the one Naked Labs hopes you to buy.

Keeping track of your weight is one of those things you definitely need to do if you care about your body, but the weight alone is not enough, and that's what Naked Labs is betting on a 3D full body scanner to make sure everything is in the right place.

If you're transitioning from a "flaccid" body to a well toned one, you'll be surprised that you may actually gain weight. The thing is, you'll be losing body fat and gaining muscle. Scales that can measure body fat may help track down which is which, but that won't tell you if you're working out the right set of muscles. With the Naked 3D Fitness Tracker, it will.

The system will scan your body and allow you to precisely measure each and every element you may need, on your arms, torso, legs, etc. And you'll be able to monitor how workouts are - well - working out. The scanner system costs $500, which Naked Labs says to be highly competitive, as similar devices in gyms can cost $10k or more.

Now, let's just hope that these 3D body scans in the cloud don't get hacked and get published in the internet for all to see... :)

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