Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Google Prompt simplifies 2-step authentication using your smartphone

Google had already vowed to make secure login methods easier to use, and it has just done that with the new Google Prompt 2-step verification method.

Using 2-step verification is highly recommended to keep your account safe from intruders; but doing it means you'll need go through a bit extra hassle when you login in a new device as, beside your username and password, you'll have to enter an additional code sent to you via SMS or generated in a authenticator app.

But with the new Google Prompt, using 2-step verification is now easier than ever, as you'll simple get a notification on your smartphone, asking you to confirm you want to login, and that's it. To activate it just head into Google's Account Security and in the 2-Step Verification section choose the Google Prompt method and select which device you want to use - the system works with both Android and iOS devices alike, if you have Google app installed on your iPhone that is.)

You'll need to have a lock method enabled on your mobile device, be it a PIN code or fingerprint lock, but other than that, you'll never again have to deal with added 2-step validation codes by hand. You just confirm the login in your smartphone and you're done with it (you'll still be able to use the authenticator app and SMS codes if you wish.)

If you were delaying the 2-step verification because of that added pin code, then it's the perfect time to start using it.

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