Tuesday, June 14, 2016

iOS 10 "almost" let's you uninstall system apps (but simply hides it)

Apple has already unveiled the new iOS 10 (as well as the new macOS Sierra and watchOS 3 - sorry for the auto-translate on those) but one its nicest features wasn't even mentioned during the WWDC's keynote: you'll be able to uninstall iOS system apps - or at least, it looks like it.

iOS has long since been criticized for forcing upon users a growing number of apps most users will never use - prompting them to throw it all away into the mandatory "apps to be hidden away from sight" app folder all iOS users are forced to have. On the other side, this also means all these apps are tied into the (i)OS, requiring a burdensome system update to be updated.

Well, that's about to change with iOS 10, as most these apps will finally be treated like any regular app on the App Store, meaning you'll be able to get updates separately and even uninstall the apps you don't use. That's great, but it seems that, behind the scenes, that's not exactly what is happening.

A user has reported that if you try to reinstall one such system app, it's installed immediately with no download at all  - it even works in airplane mode! - which prompts us to believe that you're not really uninstalling these apps but merely deactivating it and hiding it from sight.

Not that users will notice or complain about it... just don't expect to get a few hundred megabytes of free space on your iPhone when you install all the iOS system apps you don't like.

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