Tuesday, June 28, 2016

MS forced to pay woman $10k for unwanted Windows 10 installation

Microsoft is pushing really hard (too hard) for users to upgrade to Windows 10, but one woman sue the company for installing Windows 10 in her computer against her will, and was awarded $10k.

There's no shortage of surprised and angry users that find their computers to have automatically updated to Windows 10 without their consent. The problem isn't if Windows 10 is/isn't better, but the way MS has been forcing and tricking users into upgrading - even if on live TV.

In this case, the upgrade caused a flurry of issues on this woman's computer, with constant crashes nearly making it unusable, and that probably help the courts award her $10k for her troubles - probably opening up the doors to lots other trying their luck in a similar way. (Heck, I have a laptop that stopped playing sound ever since it got Windows 10 - maybe that's worth $5000 at least?)

Anyway, if you still haven't upgraded to Windows 10, keep in mind that the free upgrade ends in July - though it remains to be seen if this isn't just another tactic for MS to try and force the more fearful users to upgrade, and later expand the free upgrade period forever.

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