Thursday, June 23, 2016

Nexar alerts you for bad drivers on the road

Using a dash cam is something increasingly common, and there are even apps that turn a smartphone into one. But what if instead of simply recording video, they could analyze how other drivers drive, and alert you for potential dangerous drivers? That's what Nexar does.

The Nexar app not only keeps an eye on the road, but also uses image analysis to detect all sorts of dangerous maneuvers and associates it to the car license plate. This info is shared with all other Nexar users, so when you're driving around, you're actually reporting bad drivers to all other users, and benefit from their reports as well.

This means you may be driving as usual, and suddenly be alerted to a potential "problematic driver" coming into view. You can then choose to take the appropriate extra precautions and keep your distance.

Someday, we won't need such systems, as the cars won't require humans to drive them at all - but until then, and considering all the appalling things we see on the road each day, I'm all for such an app.

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