Saturday, June 11, 2016

PayPal leaves young internet troll with $50k bill

There are lots of people on the internet that seem to have lots of free time, but internet trolls seemingly think that time is better used making other people's lives as miserable as possible. However, in this case, the plan backfired.

A young 18y old Australian that goes by the nick of "iNexus_Ninja" thought it would be funny to donate thousands and thousands of dollars to several well known Twitch streamers (such as LegendaryLea and NoSleepTV). Though uncommon, receiving large amounts from donations isn't impossible... and obviously they were thrilled by it.

But the trolls idea was far more nefarious. He expected them to make extra expenses on account of the added donation, and then ask PayPal to cancel his donations, leaving his victims with none of his money. The problem is that things didn't go according to plan, as  PayPal sided with his victims leaving him with a $50k bill he'll have a hard time explaining to his parents.

... It's a good start, now I just hope his parents take care of the rest, with something like making him work till he pays what he spent.

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