Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tesco Mobile offers a £3 discount if you're willing to see ads on your lockscreen

While some operators are trying our network-wide adblockers, some are promoting ads in exchange for a monthly discount on your mobile bill.

In the UK, Tesco Mobile Xtras gives you the possibility to get a £3 monthly discount on your mobile bill, if you're willing to install an app that occasionally shows you an ad on your lockscreen.

Considering it's monthly plans range from £7.50/month (for 500GB of data) to £13.5 (3GB) this discount varies between 20 and 50%, which isn't such a bad deal. More so, as the ads will represent added data usage - though we're talking just about static or simply animated ads, not video ads - Tesco Mobile also includes 200MB of data extra so you won't need to worry about using up your regular data allotment.

... Just give me 5GB of data per month for free, and I'll be willing to see 2 or 3 ads per day... :)

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