Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nvidia shows its A.I. system driving a car

Nvidia may not build card but it sure wants all future driver-less cars to have their hardware powering its systems, and nothing better than to put it into action and show what it can do.

Nvidia is relying on machine learning (AI) to let its system learn how to drive based on example. It began to make some erros (lots?) but it got better and better, to the point where it can now handle all sorts of tricky situations, like blind corners, roads with no markers, road works (even going off road if needed), and can also handle rain and driving at night.

And just like a human driver, even though it was tought to drive in California, the system had no trouble driving around in completely different areas, like New Jersey.

So... what are car manufacturers waiting for? We want this sort of systems on our cars, right now. (Though we have to ask... does having a Nvidia powered car means we'll be able to have some great looking games to play on the dashboard? :)

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