Wednesday, October 5, 2016

How to speed up Netflix videos

Speeding up movies and TV series is a controversial affair, but you can do it for Netflix as well, provided you use Chrome and Netflix's HTML5 video player.

Speeding up videos slightly (like 10%) is nearly imperceptible but it can save you 6 minutes on each hour of video content you watch. It may not seem like much until you realize that would be enough to watch an extra episode by the time you're watching the 10th episode of a season - or more if you speed it up even further, to 20% or 30%.

So... how can you do it for Netflix?

It would be great if Netflix officially supported faster video speeds like many video players, but until then we have to take things into our own hands.
  1. Get Video Speed Controller for Chrome
  2. Open Netflix site and start watching what you want
  3. Press "D" to speed up the video, "S" to slow it down (or "R" to reset its speed)
If it's not working, ensure you're using the HTML5 video player by disabling Flash: head to chrome://plugins/ and disable Flash Player. Them reload the Netflix site and try again.

Happy binge-watching! :)

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