Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Speech recognition technology is now on par with humans

The time when speech recognition systems were considered a joke, requiring numerous tries to understand things right, has come to an end. According to Microsoft, speech recognition technology is now on par with humans... or may be even better.

Having computers understand what we say is something we've dreamed for a long time, and that technology exists for quite a while, though it was mostly used for specific scenarios and requires users to perform training sessions so it could better recognize what they said. But now, thanks to the power of the cloud, this technology is far batter, to the point where it can undertand us as well as a human would, and even making less mistakes than a professional at transcribing conversations.

What this means is that this technology seems to be ready to enable new generations of devices where voice can become the primary method for interaction, moving past the notion that a keyboard / buttons / screen are absolutely required components for any smart device.

... On the other hand, it might be embarrassing that, whenever your computer doesn't understand what you say, the problem might not be it... it might be you! :)

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