Thursday, November 24, 2016

Blogger editor can now search emoji and symbols by drawing

Blogger is one of those services that seems to have been forgotten by Google, with years going by with practically nothing new being made, but sometimes there's an exception. The latest one seem to put to use the sort of drawing recognition used in Google's AI game in order to find the right emoji and symbols you're looking for.

Don't you hate it when you want to type a particular symbol but have no way to actually type it on your keyboard? Maybe it's a smiley face, maybe it's an accented character, maybe it's an arabic or greek letter. Well, if you're writing a post on the Blogger editor, now you can. There's a new feature that allows us to insert all sorts of special characters, and you can either search them by text (like "smiling faces" or - and that's the best part - by drawing what you want.

The symbol identification works amazingly well (and I'm no drawing artist), and you can use it to find even the symbols you wouldn't know how to search for via a text description. You can not only use it to find emoji and abstract symbols, but all sorts of letters and characters as well - even Japanese or Chinese.

Let's see if this is a sign Google is finally giving a bit more attention to the Blogger platform... we hope it is!

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