Wednesday, November 9, 2016

GoPro recalls Karma drones

Looks like 2016 will be the year of the tech recalls, as GoPro is also joining the group and recalling its just launched Karma drone.

There have been reports that the Karma Drone can experience a sudden loss of power during flight, wich will have the consequences you can imagine. Though GoPro says this has affected just a "very small" number of units, they've decided to recall all 2500 units already sold. Thankfully there have been no reports of injuries or damaged proporty so far.

This would be really awkward in any time of the year, but it happens when GoPro needed the Karma to perform well as it faces the competition from DJI's Mavic - which has been collection praised reviews and is reffered as being a superior device (that doesn't scratch itself as the Karma.)

Current Karma owners will receive a full refund instead of a new unit, and they'll have to buy a new one whenever GoPro puts it back on the stores (no dates yet). I wonder how many will simply rush to get a Mavic instead... On the plus side, at least it's not exploding in the air; which might have been visually more spectacular, but surely not desirable for anyone risking to see a flaming drone fall from the sky over them!

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