Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Instapaper goes free for all

If you were a fan of Instapaper but not so much that you'd be willing to pay $3 per month to have all the features, you'll be pleased to know you can now use it without any restrictions for free.

Pinterest, Instapaper's new owner, seems to have different intentions and is dropping all paid subscriptions and allowing everyone to get the full Instapaper experience completely free - you won't even have to endure ads or annoying reminders that you should pay for something; which is kind of nice, even though the previous subscription was $2.99/month.

This kind of a return to its roots, as Instapaper was once free (with ads), then became paid-only, then paid with optional subscription, then free (with some restrictions) and optional subscription to unlock all features. Nevertheless it seems to have yet failed to find the right balance in order to attract customers, something that won't happen in a "completely free" approach.

The only thing is: until Pinterest let's the public now of its long-term intentions for Instapaper, I wouldn't be too faithful in using to the point of heavily depending on it. Who's to say that Pinterest won't change it's mind down the line, as more users flock around the free Instapaper, and decides to start charging again - or even, that it decides to completely can it, should it fail to attract the intended number of new users?

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