Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's official: smartphones killed dedicated cameras

Should you have not noticed it by now, there's new stats from Flickr that remind us of how much smartphones have changed our photo habits and, for (nearly) all intents and purposes, "killed" the dedicated cameras.

Flickr's latest stats show that smartphones now account for roughly half of the uploaded photos, which is even more indicative when you consider it jumped from 39% to 48% in just one year. In this same period, DSLRs have dropped from 31% to 25%, point and shoot cameras went from 25% to 21%, and mirrorless cameras stayed the same at 3%.

It's easy to see why. Smartphones offer a more convenient way to snap and upload/share photos than other cameras and, perhaps more important of all, are always at hand whenever we need it. More so, the ever improving image quality in high end (and also on the lower end) devices makes it harder for people to justify having a much more expensive dedicated camera that they'll use just a couple of times per year.

Next year, thanks to dual camera smartphones like the iPhone 7 Plus and its shallow depth of field portrait mode, there will be even less motives to justify investing in a DSLR... and the gap between these devices should grow even wider.

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