Friday, January 27, 2017

Google Translate's Word Lens learns Japanese

The ever-impressive Word Lens becomes even more useful with the ability to translate Japanese instantly and visually.

We got to know Word Lens in 2010 (!) but, not surprisingly, it's still as amazing today as it was back then - with the difference that it's not part of Google Translate app, making it even more accessible to all.

Thanks to this technology, instead of typing something we want to translate, we need only point the smartphone camera to the "world", and all the foreign texts suddenly show up in our own language. As you'd expect, this makes even more sense when dealing with languages we wouldn't even be able to "type", such as Japanese.

Word Lens can now translate from Japanese to English (and English to Japanese) and is available for free on Google Translate for iOS and Android (and works in offline mode). So ... if you were delaying your trip to Japan due to fear of not being able to find your way around, now you'll have a much better chance of making sense of all the Japanese writing around you.

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