Monday, January 16, 2017

HyperDrive brings back all the ports your MacBook Pro needed

Apple may not have heard users and released the new MacBook Pro without "old" ports, but there is a Kickstarter project that promises to fix the problem quickly and effectively: HyperDrive.

Apple's new MacBook Pro may be an excellent laptop, but there those who consider the lack of those "traditional" ports to be a deal-breaker. HyperDrive introduces itself as the most compact Thunderbolt USB-C hub on the market, and features a design that perfectly fits a MacBook Pro.

The purpose of HyperDrive is to free the user from a mess of adapters in their MacBook Pro, offering: a HDMI output (up to 4K @ 30Hz), 2 traditional USB 3.1 ports, a Type-C USB port, a Thunderbolt 3 port USB Type-C (video up to 5K or 2x 4K @ 60Hz, up to 40Gbps of data, up to 100W of power), as well as SD and microSD card readers.

The trick to all this performance lies in the fact that this hub uses the two Thunderbolt 3 ports on one side of the MacBook Pro. But better still is the price; it costs just $69, less than the jumble of adapters you'd need to get all that.

Assuming that the project is not delayed and can fulfill the planning, HyperDrive should reach the interested parties already in March this year.

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