Thursday, February 16, 2017

Android and iOS rule 99.6% of the market

Should there be any doubts regarding the state of mobile platforms at the present date, Gartner's latest statistics show what you were probably imagining for a long time: Android and iOS rule the world, and BlackBerry and Windows Phones are dead.

Android is, as expected, well ahead and still growing, adding up an extra percent and reaching the 81.7% market share. Apple's iOS, on the other hand, was also able to stand its ground and gain a couple of decimal points, going grom 17.7% to 17.9%. But, that's about it for the winners... for all the others there's nothing but defeat.

BlackBerry keeps sinking like a rock, and its tiny 0.2% has sunk into the depths of the 0.0%, managing to sell just under 208 thousand units on the last quarter. Windows Phones were still able to surpass the million unit mark, but keep in mind they had sold over 4 million in the previous year. That makes them drop from 1.1% to just 0.3% - but it's no surprise, considering Microsoft's Satya Nadella didn't really do much for the mobile platform as of yet (and should he try to do, the question is: is there any Windows Phone fan out there still willing to trust a company that has left him/her behind with the Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone 10?)

It's impressive to see just how much things can change in just a few years... Nearly a decade ago, the world was dominated by Nokia, and BlackBerry controlled the enterprise sector. Now... they're both gone.

... Just how long will we have to wait till something similar happens again? :)

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