Thursday, February 2, 2017

Chrome for iOS gets QR Code reader

Tired of fumbling around trying to find a QR Code reader app on your iPhone when you need it the most? Well, look no more, as Chrome for iOS can now scan QR Codes with ease.

There are two kinds of people: those who deal with QR Codes frequently and have a QR Code reader app always at hand; and those that rearely do, and spend more time trying to remember which app they installed to handle QR codes for precisely those kinds of moments.

Well, you no longer have to strain your memory trying to figure out which app can handle QR codes, as the latest version of Chrome for iOS can read QR Codes and is always at hand.

The QR Code scan can be accessed via 3D Touch on the Chrome icon or, alternatively, by searching for "QR" in Spotlight (by swiping down on the home screen).

This way it is no longer necessary to have a dedicated  app for QR scans, allowing anyone to read an occasional QR Code that may present itself. Personally, I was in the second group of people, which rarely has to deal with QR Codes... but every now and then, they do pop up, and it's refreshing to know that Chrome will be able to handle it from now on.

Note: If you've already upgraded to the latest Chrome but don't see the Scan QR Code show up on Spotlight, just open the Chrome app once after, so it can register this new function on the system.

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