Tuesday, April 18, 2017

MIT's WaitSuite teaches a new language using but seconds a day

Want to learn a new language but have no time to spare? MIT figured that out for you, and can help you using nothing but the micro-moments we waste during the day.

You may not notice it, but we spend quite a bit of time doing nothing but "waiting" every single day. It may be something as simples as the few seconds you wait for you smartphone to connect to a WiFi network or to send an email; or waiting for an elevator or standing in line to check out at a store. Wherever and whatever it is, that's when WaitSuite jumps in.

With WaitSuite, those moments can become the moments where a card pops up on your smartphone, asking a quick question regarding a language you want to learn. The idea being, it will be fast enough to not become intrusive, and it will even help you better handle the waiting times.

One of the programs even allows you to learn a new language as you wait for a friend to type a message on Google Chat, which will certainly be highly helpful in those situations you need to message someone that answers you back very slowly. :)

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