Monday, May 1, 2017

Apple has $250 billion in cash

It's not easy to try and imagine just how much money a billion is, but Apple makes it even harder, by having $250 billion in the bank.

There are countless companies worth "billions" (well, maybe not that many), but that's usually based on their assets. When it comes to companies having billions in actual cash in the bank, that's a completely different story, and that's why Apple's record $250 billion is such a big deal.

I guess most people would have a hard time trying to picture just how much $250 billion are, but suffice to say it would be enough to buy Tesla (worth $51 billion) and Netflix ($65 billion) with lots of billions to spare. Apple could even outright buy the Walt Disney Company ($180 billion) and still remain a very healthy cash reserve. In fact, just to give it another perspectiva, $250 billion is more than the foreign cash reserve kept by the United Kingdom and Canada... combined!

There's just the small detail that 93% of this money is outside the US; but Apple may benefit from Trump's plans, that seem to include a "tax break" for companies wishing to bring its money in from abroad. That may be a tempting deal for Apple... though I suspect there's no easy way for anyone to trust such amount of money is safe anywhere - maybe in the end it's best for that money to be spread around the world.

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