Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Microsoft creates (real) Holographic glasses

VR and augmented reality glasses are slowly gaining in popularity, but none of them use (yet) real holographic technology that could solve all the problems of creating truly 3D images. Microsoft takes another jab at it, creating technology that allows the creation of real holographic glasses.

The interest of MS in augmented reality is well known; just look at the huge investment made in HoloLens - which, contrary to what its name suggests, does not use real holograms - and the preparation for Windows 10 to become a "holographic-enabled" operating system in this type of devices.

But future versions of HoloLens may adopt a much less intrusive format, similar to normal glasses, and capable of displaying truly holographic images. So instead of looking for ways to try to fool our eyes and brains that we are seeing 3D images at different focal lengths, we would be looking at holograms, which automatically solve all these problems.

[a large scale, impressive, hologram displayed during Fantasporto 2012]

Another advantage of this technology is that it could automatically compensate for different vision deficiencies, such as myopia and astigmatism, so users suffering from these conditions could also take advantage of this technology without the need for additional systems.

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