Thursday, June 8, 2017

Amazon ends its unlimited Cloud Drive option

After providing unlimited cloud storage space at a super-attractive price, Amazon changes its mind and puts an end to its unlimited storage option, making current users think twice about ever trusting Amazon again.

Amazon provided its unlimited Cloud Drive for jus $59.99/year, with an even more interesting mode for those who just wanted to save photos and videos for $11.99. Last year Amazon changed the rules and ended the unlimited photo option, which became available only to Prime subscribers, which had the side effect of pushing even more users to the Unlimited Everything plan... which now comes to an end.

Amazon ends the unlimited Cloud Drive option, making life harder for everyone their service to store terabytes and terabytes of data.

From now on, users will be able to get 100GB for $11.99/year, 1TB for $59.99 (which is the same amount previously paid for unlimited space), and the ability to increase storage up to 30TB, for $59.99/year each additional TB. Non paying users still get the same 5GB of free space. Should anyone have 30TB of data on Amazon's Cloud Drive, you'll be paying $1800 per year instead of the previous $59.99.

Existing unlimited customers with less than 1TB will be automatically migrated to the new 1TB mode for the same price at the end of their service period; those with more than 1TB will be redirected to the storage management page where they can choose their option, having 180 days to set things right before Amazon begins to eliminate their cloud drive content in order to bring it down to their storage limits.

With these changes the Amazon service becomes much less attractive; even less for those who use it primarily to store photos and videos (unless you're a Amazon Prime member). It also reminds us of the risks of trusting, or being dependent of, cloud services - even those from large companies like Amazon - because, as you can see, they can change their minds at any time.

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