Thursday, June 15, 2017

Google Local Guides revamped to 10 levels

Google Local Guides is the volunteer reward program that prompts users to add or correct information about the places they know, and now it has more levels than ever and some added benefits.

Those who contribute data in the Local Guides program, which can be as simple as evaluating a restaurant or shop you visited, or add photos of the place, or even answering "yes / no" questions about the places nearby, get points that allow them to up their level status. Some of these levels come with some offerings - such as having 1TB of free space, which sadly Google has stopped offering since - but now Google is updating the Local Guides points and levels system.

Instead of the previous maximum level 5, Local Guides will now have 10 levels; but it won't be easy getting there.

To get an idea about how hard it will be, while it takes just 500 points to reach level 5 (and many people considered it to be "hard"), level 10 will require 100 thousand points - the equivalent of 20 thousand photos contributed or 6666 new places added. On the plus side, the new point system will be applied to existing users, which means they might see a nice bump in their level, as they might get points for things that were unaccounted for, such as answering and verifying other contributor's data. (In my case I went from level 3 to level 7! :)

Anyone who reaches level 4 will be able to enjoy a three month free trial on Google Play Music, if they have not yet used this promotion, as well as a 75% discount on the rental of a movie on Google Play. (Although it was more interesting for Google to simply offer the 1TB of space, as it was far more useful.)

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