Tuesday, June 6, 2017

iOS 11 will be a 64-bit exclusive

Apple may boast about its iOS updates reaching most of its devices, but evolution comes at a cost and iOS 11 will say goodbye to 32-bit CPUs and that means no update for the iPhone 5, 5C, and iPad 4.

Ending 32-bit support was predictable, iOS has been warning users for quite some time when they open legacy apps that haven't been updated, stating they might stop working soon. This is has now been confirmed, with iOS 11 becoming a 64-bit exclusive, dropping compatibility with 32-bit legacy apps (and CPUs).

I don't think Apple can be criticized for wanting to get rid of this. Apple unveiled its first 64-bit A7 chip on the iPhone 5S launched back in September 2013, so the devices that won't get iOS 11 are now approaching 5 years of age, which in this area, as we well know, is an eternity.

Perhaps more annoying will be the fact that 32-bit apps will no longer work on iOS 11, which means some older apps that have not yet been upgraded with support for the 64-bit system, or may even have disappeared from the App Store but are still keep on iPhones and iPads, will stop working. To know how this may affect you, check the following on your iPad or iPhone:
  • Settings & gt; General & gt; About & gt; Applications & gt; App Compatibility
In here you will see what apps you have currently installed that risk disappearing with the upcoming iOS 11 - unless its creators release some update. If you find some apps that you consider indispensable, then it's about time for you to send emails to their developers to see if they're willing update them before the next iOS is launched in a few months.

On my iPhone I have about 30 apps that risk disappearing, but there are just a few of them I'd be sad to see them gone (one of which is the original Tower Madness game - a true gem;  and the other an indispensable app to be able to connect with a WiFi MIDI gateway, the PUC). Emails have been sent for both developers, which are fortunately to still be in business. :)

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