Friday, June 23, 2017

Top 10 iOS apps have grown 1000% in size in 4 years

Installing the ten most popular apps on iOS was something that, back in 2013, required 200MB; four years later, installing these same apps requires 2GB.

Most users will have noticed that their smartphones free space is disappearing at an ever faster rate. Sometimes it can be attributed to the amount of photos and videos we take (you can always offload them to iCloud or Google Photos) but apps are often to blame as well. A study shows that the top 10 iOS apps have grown 1000 percent in size in just four years, and that's pretty revealing.

Apps like Snapchat, that took only 4MB (!) in 2013 now use more than 200MB, having grown 51x in size; and similar things happen to all other apps. In fact, not a single one has become smaller over the years. The Facebook app, which in 2013 occupied 32MB, has now grown to a gigantic 388MB size (and this without considering that Messenger now has a separate app, which adds an extra 260MB, and Facebook Pages for page management adds 366MB more!) For Facebook apps alone we're already nearing the 1GB mark...

Gmail is also another case with unexplained size increases, in a single update in November last year the app went from 41MB to 197MB, currently occupying 288MB (for an app that should simply show emails, we can't stop but wondering why it requires so much space.

It's certainly not a coincidence that iOS 11 will have a feature that allows offloading rarely used apps should the device free space be running low. This will delete the app but keep its data, so it can easily be resumed back to its previous working state should you need it. At this rate, four years from now it will be hard to find an app taking less than 1GB...

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