Monday, August 21, 2017

Android O will be unveiled during the eclipse

Today's a very special day for people in the USA, as well as all Android fans all across the globe: not only there will be a total solar eclipse, but we'll also get to know the new Android O.

If you're in the US, there's no excuse not to try your best to witness the upcoming solar eclipse, as it's truly an amazing experience (some would say it's a sign for Trump to resign ;P) but, for more lasting effect, we'll also get to know the next big Android version: Android O(reo?)

It sure is a nice way to make its Android reveal event to stand out from all the others (how many big announcements do you remember being made during a solar eclipse?) and maybe a subtle hint on how Android has eclipsed all the competition in the mobile sector, and more - as it also made a dent in all other areas as well (in some parts of the world a smartphone is the only computer people can afford to get, and they do make the most out of it.)

Android O should come with some nifty features, some of which will probably begin to get noticed a couple of years from now (as the promised easier upgrade path to new versions)... but we're hoping to see this big reveal and learn more about it.

... But make sure you don't miss the eclipse first!

Update: it's Android Oreo after all. :)

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