Thursday, August 31, 2017

Rural America is creating its own internet infrastructure

It's easy to think of the US as a modern country, but it doesn't take much to think you've been hurled back into the dark ages - in terms of internet connectivity. But that's ok, as people are taking matters into their own hands and fixing the problem on their own.

There are millions of Americans fortunate enough to live in areas where they can pick and choose the best internet provider. Others aren't so lucky and are forced to live under the thumb of the only one they have available - but worse still is having no provider at all!

While most people take for granted having broadband internet, there are still nearly 20 million Americans stuck with low speed internet, if at all. We're talking about the people living in areas where you can't even take cell phone coverage for granted... but some communities grew tired of waiting and are now taking care of the problem on their own.

This means solving the problem the best way they can, in the most efficient way, including using existing towers, like the ones used for emergency communications or radio towers, as well as any existing tall structures that may exist - like water towers or silos - to place antennas to take higher speed internet to wherever it may be needed.

... One of these days, it will be them looking at us, and pitying us for being stuck with big telecoms charging us lots of money each month for something they have for nearly free.

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