Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 ARKit augmented reality apps to try out in iOS 11

The arrival of iOS 11 comes with ARKit in tow, opening up millions of people to high quality augmented reality experiences. Here's some you may want to try to see the sort of things that can be done.

Augmented reality apps are not exactly new; they've been around for years on mobile platforms. The new thing about ARKit is that it gets rid of the old markers you had to print and makes it easy for any developer to use high quality optical tracking (together with the other iPhone sensors) and create amazing AR apps.

Once you've upgraded to iOS 11, here are some of the augmented reality apps you can try:

  • World Brush - lets you paint on air, similar to Google's Tilt Brush on HTC Vive
  • Edmunds - allows you to see how much space a "real" car can take on your garage or parking space
  • Stack AR - stacking blocks becomes lots more fun in the real world
  • AR Measure Kit - for all sorts of measures (though most only for the paid version)
  • Thomas and Friends: Minis - an amazing game for children that will enjoy having a complete train track anywhere (and no more need to spend time boxing things up once they're done playing)...

It is perfectly natural that over the next few weeks we'll see thousands of augmented reality apps rushing into the App Store, most just trying to take advantage of the novelty factor. But, a few months from now, I bet we'll start seeing truly innovative ones, pushing the boundaries of what can be done with this technology.

... And yes, next step is having this embedded in digital smart glasses... and then the world will definitely change before our eyes.

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