Monday, October 2, 2017

iOS 11.0.1 is crashing iPhones and draining battery faster than ever

Apple's latest iOS 11.0.1 did fix the Outlook bug, but unfortunately seems to have kept (or worsened) lots other iOS 11 bugs, leaving lots of users in despair.

While iOS 11 has brought lots of new things, it also seems to be one of the buggiest iOS versions ever. A quick visit to Apple Support on Twitter reveals countless reports of iOS 11.0.1 bugs, with people complaining about graphic glitches, missing bluetooth audio and -worse still- cases where iPhones are crashing tens of times per day and using up its battery like crazy.

One can easily imagine how you'd feel if you had an iPhone working perfectly with iOS 10, and now being stuck with a nearly useless device - which, at best, will reaming being nearly useless for weeks to come. Apple is already working on iOS 11.1, which we hope will sort out all these issues,  but that's still three or four weeks away; unless Apple does find the cause for all these issues and decides to push an emergency fix.

Some users have been even suggesting some of the bugs they found to become features: such as these transparent callling screen which allows us to see the background image in full detail while on a call.

Fortunately, my iPhone SE has been working fine with iOS 11.0.1 (other than the ocasional bug that pops up every now and then - as the superimposed text on the App Store, which doesn't hide the fact that is has been redesigned for larger screens, forgetting about the "small ones"). But in any case, how's iOS 11 been working for you?

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