Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ethereum.com up for grabs... for $10 million

If you thought the opportunity to become a millionaire selling a single domain on the Internet had already passed, behold as the crypto-currency craze spreads onto this domain, with the Ethereum.com being put up for sale for 10 million dollars.

The crypto-coins have become common talk even among regular people, with the famous Bitcoin skyrocketing to ever increasing heights (now surpassing $8,000 with over 1000% gains since last year) and the Ethereum, even with its ups and downs, also seems on track to reach new record values in the coming days. So, it's not surprising to see the person owning the Ethereum.com domain to put it up for sale for the modest sum of 10 million dollars.

If you think that's crazy, it's worth remembering that the ETH.com domain was sold for $2 million last month, making it the second most expensive domain ever - Fly.com was sold for $ 2.89 million in May. Still, if someone pays $10 million for this Ethereum.com, it will make it the most expensive ever by quite a bit.

But maybe it's better to take those $10M and buy Bitcoins or Ethereum instead... In just a couple of weeks (or even days) maybe you'll have an extra ten million to spare and buy the domain anyway... :)

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