Monday, November 6, 2017

Samsung pokes fun at 10 years of iPhones

Thee's nothing better than a good "ad war" between huge companies such as Samsung and Apple (even if Apple rarely takes time to answer back) and there's a new ad poking fun at all the iPhone users have been missing for the past 10 years.

Going as far back as the original iPhone launch, and skipping across several models since, Samsung envisions a world where users are much better off using their Galaxy and Note smarphones, featuring waterproofing, note taking with a stylus, and wireless charging - while on the iPhone side, it brings us "dongle hell".

Sure, there's lots to be said and rebated (we're talking about an ad after all, you wouldn't expect it to be fair, right?) but the truth remains... the Galaxy S8 is indeed a very nice smartphone, and can currently be found for about half the price of an iPhone X (or even less). That's also something people should take into account... :)

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