Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spotify brings music selection to free tier

Spotify has unveiled its new app, focusing on the free-tier users, which now get to choose which songs they want to hear, just like the paying subscribers - with a catch.

Until now, the biggest difference between free and paid service on Spotify was that those who pay has get to chose exactly which songs thy want to hear, while the others had to listen to some playlist of their intended music style. Now, that's about to change.

Spotify is revamping the free tier, giving even free users the ability to choose which songs they want to listen to - just like those who pay their monthly fee. The difference is that free users only get to choose among songs in 15 playlists created by Spotify itself (although some are created based on the music preferences of each user).

There are about 750 songs available to free users, which may end up being an excellent tactic to get them to, eventually, subscribe. So far, free users (like me) have grown used to using Spotify as a radio service, with the occasional jump to the next song ... never having the opportunity to experience the added benefit of being able to hear exactly what they want when they want it. With this "tweak", Spotify gives free users a (small) "taste" of the best part of its service...

In a few months we'll know if the technique worked. Until then, it's a matter of waiting for the new app... and see just how much of those 750 songs really match our preferences.

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