Thursday, March 7, 2019

Galaxy S10 wallpapers hide the front cameras in funny ways

Just like it previously happened with the notched screens, it didn't take long for wallpapers to appear, specifically made to make the most out of the Galaxy S10 cutout front cameras.

Instead of the dreaded notch, the Galaxy S10 comes with the front cameras placed directly on the screen, with a round / oval cutout which is being used in a creative way. There are already groups created around these original wallpapers for the Galaxy S10, where you can find imagens that will help hide - or stand out - the front cameras in different ways.

For instance, some use Futurama's Bender (or other robots), so that the robot eyes line up with the front cameras. Others even go as far as using an iPhone, overlapping its back cameras with the S10's front cameras, for great effect may I add - as you can see in the photo above.

There are wallpapers best suited for the widened dual-camera cutout of the Galaxy S10+, others for the circular single camera cutout in the other S10's. In either case, you'll sure have plenty of images to try out, or even come up with your own to make the best use of the front cameras in creative ways.

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