Monday, March 2, 2020

Botnet is a social network where everyone is famous

Anyone wanting to get a feel for ​​what it's like to be a star online can now do so on the Botnet network, that catch is that the thousands of people liking and commenting your posts are not real.

Botnets are mostly associated with negative purposes, attacks by hackers, but in this case it is a very peaceful and positive botnet. This social network Botnet allows all users to have hundreds of thousands of followers right away, eager to leave likes and positive comments to everything that you post there.

The service is free and allows anyone to join a social network that, even though it is composed entirely of digital interactions with bots, produces real positive effects. As its creator says, when you're dealing with millions of followers, you don't get to know who is real and who is a bot anyway.

You can even unlock some extra features, like double the number os followers, as well as enable (fake) troll comments - an option that seems to be quite popular. Fortunately, they come in a much smaller number than you'd likely face in real life, and which can be turned off at any time (also unlike what would happen in real life).

It is still a fun experience, and it can be the perfect "fix" for those tired of social networks with real people. :)

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