Sunday, October 21, 2007

Canada taxes music downloads

As if calling you a thief when copying your own CDs wasn't enough, someone came up with one more clever strategem:
If you can't stop music piracy, make those who abide the law to pay for it!

Canadas's Copyright Board wants you - who download legally purchased music - to pay an extra tax to cover for all the lost revenue. Hey, why not just send every citizen a bill every year, regardless?
(But I better shut up, we never know when one of them may really start thinking that would be a good idea)

This one more sign that thing must really change. I think this is the only industry where they treat their customers as thief and charge them left and right!

Would you eat at a restaurant where they would charge you first, and tell you can only eat where, when and how they tell you to? I surely wouldn't; just as sure I as will never buy any CD/DVD/Bluray from Sony until they stop calling me a thief!
But guess what, as I won't be giving them my money, I'll automatically be tagged as a pirate - after all, whenever they make any less money (which they really don't) they blame piracy; and don't even consider people are not buying it because they are not willing to put up with their idiotic schemes and spending their money elsewhere.

I wonder where all those millions spent on stupid DRM are really going...
(though I guess they don't think a lot about it, since the ones who pay for that are... all of us)

I really hope this is their last gasp for air, and that the whole Industry will crash and give birth to a whole new and modern concept: the concept to deliver what people want, without restrictions, at an affordable price.

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